As a neighborhood leader, you are a PERSON OF INFLUENCE with great responsibility for the success of your neighborhood organization. Being a neighborhood leader should be rewarding, after all, you are volunteering your time, talent, and skills to make your Neighborhood Planning Unit or association is stronger and your neighborhood a better place.  EFFECTIVE NEIGHBORHOOD LEADERS are individuals who have the ability to inspire confidence and support among members and neighbors who are needed to achieve NPU / association goals. Our Citizens Planners Certificate (CPC) as a component of NPU University has the KEY ATTRIBUTES, SKILLS, AND KNOWLEDGE you may need to enhance your leadership skills and effectiveness. 

The Citizens Planners Certificate (CPC) was developed for the most engaged residents and community leaders who are highly motivated to use every tool and resource available to them to facilitate positive neighborhood change.  Interested individuals at all levels of experience may apply for the Citizens Planners Certificate (CPC) program.

This program is particularly valuable for:

  • Members of neighborhood groups, associations, or Neighborhood Planning Units (NPUs)

  • Staff and boards of community development organizations/committees

  • Officers and residents representing neighborhood or community organizations.

Business Plan

Participants will hone the skills to develop and implement strategies that will:

·      Increase the capacity of residents and other stakeholders to manage neighborhood change

·      Increase residents’ confidence and participation in initiatives to shape their neighborhoods’ future

·      Promote understanding of housing affordability principles (sparking questions)

·      Strengthen relationships with the business community

·      Support development of healthy, mixed-income neighborhoods

·      Cultivate collaborations that promote and sustain revitalization


Applications are being accepted for enrollment in the Citizens Planners Certificate. (CPC) Please note courses taken in 2021 can be applied to new applications. 

How to Apply?


Submit an application to NPU University via the link located here. Applications will not be accepted halfway through an NPU University school year which is July 1.  


If you have questions, email Samantha Terry at npu-u@AtlantaGa.Gov.


The Citizens Planners Certificate (CPC) program consists of a series of courses that provide the theoretical framework, specialized tools, and technical skills necessary to design and carry out successful neighborhood growth and development. Students who earn the Citizens Planner Certificate are required to complete classes in four different tracks within a two-year period. To enroll, visit

*Courses are currently being reviewed for American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) continuing credits. Courses are not currently eligible for certification maintenance. 


Community Leadership – any 3 classes, or any 1 class and the Community Leadership Institute

CL1001 Chairpersons’ Annual Update, Training, and Orientation

CL1002 Elected Officers Orientation

CL1003.001 Introduction to Parliamentary Procedures

CL 1003.002 Parliamentary Procedures II:  Managing Difficult Discussions or Hot Topics

CL1003.003 Parliamentary Procedures III:  Membership has its Privileges

CL1003.004 Parliamentary Procedures IV: The Role of a Chairperson or Presiding Officer

CL1004.001 and CL1004.002 Community Leadership Institute* - Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 Cohort

CL1005 Bylaws Clinic

CL1006 Election Integrity Clinic


Planning – P1004.001 and any 3 classes

P1004.001 Zoning Fundamentals I

P1004.002 Zoning Fundamentals II

P1004.003 Zoning Fundamentals Lab

P1005 Building Permits for Beginners

P1006 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

P1007 Introduction to Comprehensive Development Planning

P1008 Neighborhood Planning Series

P1009 Mobile Workshop


Civic Participation – CO1001 or CP1002, CP1008, and any 1 class

CP1001 The Legislative Process

CP1002 NPU 101: How Does the NPU System Work?

CP1003 Civic Participation for Seniors

CP1004 Civic Participation for Millennials

CP1005 Civic Responsibility and Engagement for Young Adults*

CP1006 Atlanta Community Engagement Playbook

CP1007 Funding Resources for Neighborhood Organizations

CP1008 Public Meetings

CP1009 Permitting Process & Participation


Community Development – CD1004.001 and any 2 classes

CD1001 Workforce Development

CD1002 Code Enforcement Academy*

CD1003 Housing Security Series

CD1003.001 Housing Security Series | Avoiding Housing Scams & Reducing Property Taxes

CD1003.002 Housing Security Series | Avoiding Foreclosure

CD1003.003 Housing Resources for Tenants 

CD1004.001 Introduction to Invest Atlanta

CD1004.002 Understanding Workforce Housing and Affordability

CD1004.003 Density Matters/Neighborhood Revitalization 

CD1004.004  Understanding Public Financing (TADs,  bonds, NMTCs, LIHTC, etc.)

CD1005 Urban Plan Academy for Community Leaders - Summer